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by Kathoran on Apr 05, 2011 at 08:04 AM

Well, the actual answer is yes. But dont worry, it is alright as long as a strange voice doesn't answer you back.... and why is that kathoran? uhhh.... anyway....

When your on from time to time viewing all the forums and guides we try to keep up here, try to log in. It helps in letting us know who is actively reading the information we are try to get out there and lets us know that its not just a waste of time if only we are reading it. =)

Thanks All
no, thank you Kath =]
by Kathoran on Mar 29, 2011 at 11:22 AM

Here recently while doing dungeons and killing horde I have been asked a very relative set of questions, alot. Let me sum up a few short answers real quick to each of these questions:

Is this gear good for me? Well, what are you? Each build of each class favores different stats and no two classes share the same value in builds. For example, tanks are always looking for high stamina / strenght gear as we all know... but a blood dk will favor mastery on gear where shield using tanks are looking for more avoidance. Survival hunters should be looking for more crit where a Beastmaster would look for more mastery... but both looking for agility. So, my advice here is if it has better stats on it then what ur using, its better; but when tanking a dungeon with other melee plate wearers you should probly greed on the dps stuff incase the dps need it, Remember ur role, and you can expect dps to greed on ur tanking upgrades =).

How am I doing? This is another question where u ask urself what u are. **Tank** did anyone pull off you and you were not able to regain aggro? If not, then ur running good. If so, look at what happened. Were you in the correct stance / presence / aura? Also, from a healers point, did you make ur healer work to hard? Are they real low on mana after ur pull? If so it is possible on them, but try to remeber you have a handful of defensive cooldowns you can pop to take less damage and make there healing a bit easier. **Healer** did anyone die? No? then ur good. Thats all u have to worry bout. As long as everyone is alive just sit back and enjoy the fact ur doing good. If someone died, why? If it was due to you running outta mana, or just not getting to them quick enough, or you not dispelling a curse or something, then thats on you. Rez em and apalogize for ur error, learn from it, and move on to the next pull. But remember, you cant cure stupid. IF a dps is standing in the fire and refuses to move, you have no other choice then let him die for the better of the group. if your constantly burning through ur mana trying to heal stupid, your tank suffers. **DPS** DPS are expected to do so much at once that this question tetters on a fight to fight basis, let me explain. Did you make sure to watch ur threat and not pull off the tank? Did you kill the mobs quick enough that the healer didn't oom and cause a wipe? Did you successfully keep your target under control ( cc ) to make the pulls easier? If so, you done good. Remember, were most people think pulling the most dps is the sign of being good dps, it isn't. Being able to get your party through the fight while maintaning good dps is what its all about.

Now to recap this seeing how i got a bit winded there.... I will never tell you that you are doing great. There is always room for improvement. But if you dont lose aggro, keep ur party alive, and do everything you can to get through a dungeon/riad without giving up on the first wipe... your improveing already.
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